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7 ideas on how to use hemp hearts

October 5, 2023 · Recipes and food

In this article, we will learn about different ways of how to use hemp hearts. Whether you already incorporate them into your diet, or you are completely new to this powerfood, we have you covered. First, let’s learn what hemp hearts are. Hemp hearts are the inner parts of the hemp seeds. With their highly nutritious profile, they can provide many essential nutrients to your diet such as healthy fats like omega-3, and vitamins, as well as different minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. 

Hemp hearts are not only nutritious, but they also have a mild nut-like flavor that can enhance so many of your usual dishes. This wholesome food is a great addition to any balanced diet, as it promotes heart health and skin health improving your overall well-being. Keep reading to learn how to use hemp hearts in different food preparations!

Sprinkle on Salads:

One of the simplest ways of incorporating hemp hearts into your diet is to use them in your favorite salads. Simply sprinkle a few tablespoons over your leafy greens. This will add a delightful texture to your salad enhancing not only their taste but also their nutritional value. 

Blend in Smoothies:

Let’s keep exploring how to use hemp hearts. If you want to upkeep your protein intake, a natural and unprocessed source is to blend hemp hearts into your smoothies. You can mix them with your favorite fruits, veggies and plant milk. Just 2 or 3 tablespoons can enhance and boost the nutritional value of your drink with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. 

Top on Yogurts and Cereals:

Upgrade your morning cereal and yogurts by sprinkling a few tablespoons of hemp hearts on top or mix them into your yogurt for a crunchy twist. You will get added protein, minerals, vitamins and healthy fats in one go for a nutritious breakfast.

Incorporate into Baking:

How to use hemp hearts when baking? You can just add a quarter to half a cup of hemp hearts to your bread dough or cake batter, and even add it to your pancake mixture. Another fun way of including hemp hearts in your baked goods is to sprinkle them as a topping over your cookies or brownies, adding texture and great nutritional value to your treats. 

Garnish Soups and Stews:

Give a crunchy twist to your soups and stews by sprinkling a teaspoon on top of your dish right before serving. You can also blend hemp hearts with water and stir them into your soup to add a nutty taste and a creamy texture. This way you will have a tasty comforting meal with the added nutritional value and high contents of protein.

Make Veggie Burgers:

Another creative way to learn how to use hemp hearts is to make tasty and nutritious plant-based or veggie burgers. Create a mixture of your favorite vegetables and legumes and add up to half a cup of hemp hearts. These seeds are highly regarded for being a complete source of protein which makes it ideal for people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. These seeds will provide moisture and a pleasant taste to your homemade burgers.

Protein Bars or Energy Bites:

Our final idea on how to use hemp hearts is for a tasty and sweet, high-protein snack. Get creative and add anything you want to your bars or energy bites: oats, walnuts, sesame seeds, dehydrated fruit like dates and nut butter. Use any sweetener of your choice and add half a cup of hemp hearts. You can freeze or refrigerate them to grab them on the go!

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