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Cookies policy

We inform you that this website uses cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information which your browser stores on your computer’s hard drive and can enable Smoking Paper to provide you with services such as the possibility to remember certain aspects of your last search of contents so that any other searches which you make will be quicker. Cookies can be deleted from your computer if you so wish. Most browsers accept cookies automatically although you can change your browser settings to prevent this. Even without cookies you can still use most of the features of our website.

Our website may use the following cookies:

Session cookies

Session cookies are memorized and are only valid for the duration of an active session on a website. These cookies do not permanently record information on the disk drive of your computer.

Browsing cookies

Browsing cookies mainly stop you from receiving recommendations that are not related to your interests. They propose personalized commercial recommendations specific to you. 

These cookies are based on temporary monitoring of your Internet browsing. Users can delete them before they start browsing on other websites.

Statistics cookies

Statistics cookies provide the following information: 

– How the users interact in the website

– Collect anonymous information 

– Elaborate trends reports of websites without identifying individual users

To gather statistics on the use of our website, we use statistical tools solely for the functions stated above for the purpose of finding out the level of recurrence of our visitors and the contents which they are mostly interested in. This enables us to focus on improving the most visited areas and to help users find what they are looking for more easily. 

Third-party cookies

We may sometimes upload third-party contents on to our website, e.g. Facebook. Such third parties may install cookies that cannot be monitored by us.

Cookies used on this website

How to manage cookies

Users may set browsers to accept or reject all cookies by default or to receive a warning on the screen when a cookie is received to decide whether to install it on a hard drive or not. To do so, we suggest that the user goes to the help section on the browser, which explains how browser settings can be changed. Tracking tools such as Do Not Track can also be used to block cookies. These tools can be downloaded from the website: http://www.abine.com/dntdetail.php.

Users may also withdraw their consent to Smoking Paper’s use of cookies at any time by changing their browser settings as commented above.

Users should take into account, however, that if they remove cookies, this may affect certain areas of the website.

If users require further information, they may consult the manuals and instructions on the browser:

If Microsoft Internet Explorer is used, from the Tools drop-down menu on the toolbar, users should select Internet Options and click on Privacy.

If Firefox is used, for Mac, from the Preferences drop-down menu, users should select Privacy and click on Show Cookies, and for Windows, from the Tools drop-down menu, they should select Options and click on Privacy followed by Use custom settings for history.

If Safari is used, from the Preferences drop-down menu, users should select Privacy.

If Google Chrome is used, from the Tools drop-down menu, users should select Options (Preferences in Mac) and click on Advanced followed by Contents Settings in the Privacy section and finally Cookies.