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We are a company with a rich history and a forward-thinking mindset. Miquel y Costas & Miquel. S.A. has been producing the highest quality speciality papers since the 18th century. For over a hundred years, we have catered to our customers, which have always been a priority of the company’s business. Our story begins as far back as 1725, when the Miquel family began producing artisan paper in the traditional way in the town of Capellades in Barcelona, Spain. Through a period of over a hundred years the company evolved and was managed by the same family until in 1897, Miquel y Costas and Miquel, S.A. was created and its signature cigarette paper ‘Smoking’ was developed. Even today, this trademark Spanish rolling paper is still a leader in international markets, reaching over 80 countries across five continents. Apart from this signature brand, we also offer our customers a variety of products in different formats and quality standards, always presenting our signature and modernized articles.

True to our heritage, we are still based in Spain, in the province of Barcelona with a subsidiary division in Buenos Aires, Argentina while our two current production plants are in Barcelona and Valencia respectively. From the beginning, we have always intended to manufacture high-tech speciality lightweight papers. Our business has grown worldwide, with large customer bases in Havana, Toronto, Mexico City, Valparaiso and New York among others. 

We get our motivation from our customers, and we want to give them the best experience possible while using our products. As we have deepened our knowledge in the manufacture of a speciality rolling papers, we researched with technicians and product developers to enable the company to expand its reach including a variety of products with similar technological basis. As a result of this experience and our constant search for improvement and modernisation, Miquel y Costas group has developed Pure Hemp rolling paper along with other cigarette papers, printing and textile pulps, positioning itself among the world’s best manufacturers in the field and as worldwide leaders in the industry.  In 1996, we started developing Pure Hemp as an alternative to other traditional rolling papers on the market.

Hemp rolling papers are a great alternative for smokers that see an additional value in sustainability, purity and aesthetics. Taking a commitment to fight against climate change, we look to make products that are as environmentally friendly as possible, using paper pulp exclusively made from hemp crops to reduce our and our trusted clients’ carbon footprint. Hemp comes from the plant known scientifically as Cannabis sativa and is a sustainable option as it is a fast-growing plant which requires a lot less water than other crops used to produce paper made from trees. It is also a renewable resource as it can be harvested and regrown many times in a year without damaging the soil by using fewer pesticides, herbicides and harsh chemicals to be produced. 

The use of hemp plants to manufacture many different products has become more and more popular in recent years, and our technology, specifically developed to produce high-quality paper, results in a durable, strong paper which is less prone to deterioration compared to other rolling papers. Among our products, you can find the most natural materials, including unbleached paper which has no artificial colourings or additives. Our company ethos is based on inclusivity and respect, as we seek a more sustainable way of living for everyone using our Pure Hemp products. We know our customers are conscious and looking for better and more eco-friendly alternatives in smoking accessories, and we are here to deliver.