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What does hemp really smell like?

November 29, 2023 · Hemp

Hemp-derived products are incredibly popular. From edible hemp seed products to hemp clothes and hemp beauty products, it seems like hemp is everywhere and in everything. In this article, we will learn more about this incredible plant, and we will answer the question of what does hemp smell like? So you can learn everything about it. 

Hemp is a versatile plant with a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Also known as Cannabis sativa, this plant is mainly cultivated for industrial and agricultural purposes. Hemp fibers are incredibly strong and used to produce textiles, ropes and paper among other products. 

The seeds of the hemp plant are edible and highly praised for their nutritional value as they contain essential fatty acids, complete plant-based protein, and a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. Hemp oil, produced out of cold-pressing hemp seeds, is also used for medicinal purposes and in a variety of beauty products like creams, serums and lotions. 

The unmistakable scent of hemp: Breaking down its olfactory notes

If you are wondering, ‘what does hemp smell like?’ You should know that this plant has an unmistakable scent, with a variety and a unique blend of olfactory notes. One of the most characteristic aromas present in hemp is fresh solid. The earthy and musky tones present in hemp also remind you of fresh grass and hay

This natural fragrance is blended with subtle nut-like tones. Some people even say that these earthy hints are accompanied by a certain sweetness which reminds of a mix of both pine and cedarwood which evokes some sense of warmth and familiarity. Hemp definitely carries a complex scent which is robust and rustic while maintaining a certain freshness. 

Comparing the aroma of hemp: How does it differ from other plants?

There are distinct differences between the aroma of the hemp plant and other plants. If you compare hemp’s notably earthy scents with fresh unturned soil, with a musky and rich aroma. These aromas set it apart from other plants and flowers that have sweeter and floral scents. 

Fragrances like rose or the citrusy scent of lemons differentiate themselves from hemp which has more robust and rustic qualities. Moreover, while lavender and mint have a fragrance that evokes relaxation and calmness, hemp has a more grounded essence, with  stronger wood-like botanical fragrances. 

The influence of soils on the aroma of hemp

We have gone over some of the characteristics of hemp smell to answer the question: what does hemp smell like? We already determined that the earth-like deep fragrance of the hemp plant can be profoundly influenced by the type of soil in which the plant is cultivated

The scent profile is pivotally shaped by soil composition, for example, when hemp is grown in rich and fertile soil produces more complex and musk-like undertones. On the contrary, hemp that is cultivated in less-rich nutrient soil with higher sand components has a less pronounced smell. 

Mineral contents and pH levels also impact the fragrance of the hemp plant providing different variations that range from intense earthy and woodsy smells to sweeter and floral undertones. 

Hemp’s distinctive aroma: Myth vs. fact about its natural odor

We hope by now you have a better idea, and we have answered the question: what does hemp smell like? There are many misconceptions about the distinct aroma of hemp. The most common misconception is that the hemp smell is identical to marijuana. However, this is just a myth, while both plants come from the same cannabis family, hemp has a milder scent. The fragrance of hemp is more subtle and inoffensive. 

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