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What is hemp fabric and what is it used for?

April 26, 2023 · Hemp

Many clothing brands are now incorporating hemp products and advertising them because of their durability and comfort, but you might be wondering what hemp fabric is exactly. Hemp fabric is a textile produced from hemp fiber, scientifically named Cannabis sativa, which has a long history due to its different uses in ancient cultures. The utilization of hemp to produce garments dates back to cultures such as the Egyptians. It is a highly versatile product and is used to make products such as rope, paper, bags and, as mentioned before, clothes. 

Hemp fabric is widely known for its resistance, durability and for being a very environmentally conscious option to produce fashionable items. This fast-growing plant is resistant to pests, mold and mildew, making it a highly effective crop with greater production levels. Let’s review what hemp fabric actually is and what you can expect from it.

What are the characteristics of this fabric?

Hemp fabric is an excellent alternative to traditional fabrics. These are just of its main characteristics.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Hemp fabric and textiles are considered one of the most sustainable fabrics on the planet. This is due to hemp being one of the fastest-growing crops that utilizes fewer resources. To plant hemp you need less water, fertilizers and pesticides than other crops such as cotton. It also produces less damage to the soil, and the parts that are not used to make the fabric can return to the earth as fertilizer. This makes hemp textiles an eco-friendly product for those looking for environmentally conscious clothes. 


Hemp is a uniquely durable and comfortable fabric. Hemp fiber is resistant to stretching and tearing. One of the best features of hemp fabric products is that they do not lose their shape after washing. Due to these benefits, hemp clothes can last longer than other conventional pieces made from other materials such as cotton, reducing the need to replace your garments frequently. Although extremely resistant, hemp fabric is well known for being a super comfortable option. 

Antibacterial properties

Another distinctive and quite unique feature of hemp fabric is that it is naturally antibacterial. Its breathability contributes to this, as it allows air to flow through the fibers making it a comfortable piece of clothing to wear in warm weather. This also prevents the fabric from catching bad odors even after many uses. Due to its antibacterial properties, hemp clothing is resistant to mildew and mold. It is considered one of the most hygienic fabrics for clothing and home textiles. 

How is hemp fiber obtained?

Part of understanding what hemp fabric is and its benefits is to understand its production process. Hemp fiber is obtained from the stalks of the Cannabis sativa or hemp plant. These plants are usually harvested when they are about 70 to 90 days old, which is when they reach fiber maturity. After they are harvested, the fibers are separated from the inner core of the stalks, which is more similar to wood. Usually to achieve the separation the stalks are left in the field, exposed to natural moisture and rain which makes it easier for fibers to soften and separate from the core. 

The fibers are usually separated with mechanical machines and processed to be cleaned, removing impurities and debris. The fiber is then combed and aligned to prepare for weaving. Lastly, the fibers are spun into a thread that can be used to make the fabric. We hope that after reading our article you now understand what hemp fabric is and have encouraged you to try it out to experience its benefits.  

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