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Best hemp oil recipe

July 20, 2023 · Recipes and food

Hemp oil is an incredibly versatile and healthy product. It is made out of the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant and has been gaining notoriety due to its potential benefits. The hemp plant has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures, fulfilling different purposes from culinary to medicinal. In this article, you will learn the best hemp oil recipe, a step-by-step elaboration and the best ways to use it. In addition, we will go over the most important benefits, so keep reading!

Benefits of this hemp oil recipe

An easy hemp oil recipe can be used in many different preparations due to its amazing benefits. Its rich dietary profile includes abundant essential nutrients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In addition, hemp oil carries necessary vitamins such as vitamin E and B, as well as minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium. Hemp oil has also been linked to cardiovascular health as it contains a substance called arginine which can help to dilate blood vessels that promote healthy blood flow, reducing heart problems. 

Furthermore, these essential fatty acids help cognitive health by aiding in the development and protection of brain cells. Hemp oil has also been linked to potent anti-inflammatory effects due to its high content of gamma-linolenic acid. This substance can help with issues such as chronic inflammation associated with problems such as diabetes or arthritis. 

Why you’ll love this oil?

This multifaceted and easy-to-make hemp oil recipe will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. You can easily incorporate this oil into your foods and as it is a hypoallergenic product, it is perfect for anyone with soy or nut allergies. Hemp oil is also easily digestible, and due to its high fiber content promotes great gut health. Now let’s learn how to make some homemade hemp oil to include in your cooking. 

What do you need to make hemp oil? 

To prep this hemp oil recipe you will need a few ingredients and tools, but it is very easy to make:

  • Hemp seeds
  • A neutral carrier oil, such as coconut oil
  • Pot or slow cooker
  • Cheesecloth or fine strainer
  • Storage containers
  • Grinder or mortar


To prepare your hemp oil recipe, follow these steps:

1- Roast your hemp seeds in the oven for around 45-60 minutes at 120°C or 250°F to enhance the process. 

2- Using a food processor or a mortar, grind the hemp seeds into a fine powder

3- Place the hemp seed powder into a pot over low heat or in your slow cooker, adding enough oil to cover your seeds. 

4- Allow cooking on the lowest heat or setting for around 4 hours

5- Once cool use your strainer or cheesecloth to strain the oil

6- Pour into your container and seal the bottle tightly. Now it’s ready to use!

Serve Hemp Oil With

Hemp oil has a rich and nutty flavor that goes very well in different preparations. Use it in your salads, just like you would use olive oil or avocado oil. Include it in your most creative vinaigrettes to add an earthy and nutty taste to your salads. 

Similarly, you can try hemp oil in any stir-fry adding ginger, garlic and chilly to cook with your veg and protein, noodles or rice. Pour some extra oil on top and drizzle some fresh herbs for an extra kick. This hemp oil recipe can also be used to make an exquisite hemp pesto, blending it with basil leaves and any nuts you like. What other dishes would you want to try this hemp oil recipe in?

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