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6 side effects of hemp oil

July 11, 2023 · Health

Hemp oil has become a much-desired wellness product in recent years due to its amazing properties. However, you might be asking yourself if there are any side effects of hemp oil. This is a 100% natural product which comes from pressing the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. It has a varied and rich nutrient profile which can have amazing advantages, but as with any other product in the market, it can have certain side effects.

Does hemp oil have negative side effects? 

Experiencing side effects of hemp oil is possible, but you should know that when used in moderation, this product is considered safe for most people. However, individual reactions vary from person to person and some people may experience adverse effects. You should not consume hemp oil if you know you are allergic to hemp seeds, which could potentially cause itching, hives, or breathing difficulties. If you experience any severe reaction seek medical attention. Now let’s go over some possible side effects:

Low blood pressure 

Hemp oil has the potential to lower blood pressure in some individuals but its effects vary from person to person and might not affect everyone. Some studies suggest that CBD, the substance in hemp oil, can lower your blood pressure due to the substance’s ability to relax and widen blood vessels. 


One of the most common side effects of hemp oil is drowsiness. In general, hemp oil is well-tolerated, but the sedative effects of CBD can still occur, especially if you consume higher doses of hemp oil. The sedative effect of hemp oil varies from person to person and some people even report feeling more energized than before, so note your response and use accordingly.


Some individuals report having digestive issues when using hemp oil which includes diarrhea or cramps. This is due to hemp oil being rich in omega-3 and omega-6 oil which in high or concentrated amounts can have a laxative effect, upsetting your stomach. 

Dry mouth

Another one of the possible side effects of hemp oil is dry mouth. CBD, one of the main substances in hemp oil, interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates different body functions, including salivation and can temporarily decrease saliva production. If you are using hemp oil and experience dry mouth, make sure to drink plenty of water and fluids to alleviate this symptom.

Side effects of hemp oil on the skin 

Hemp oil is also commonly used as an active ingredient in skincare and beauty products for its potential benefits. Unwanted side effects in these products are uncommon. In rare cases, individuals can have a variety of reactions such as redness, itching, rash or swelling. Irritation could also occur, leading to sensitivity in the affected area. 

Side effects of hemp oil for dogs 

Hemp oil is considered safe for dogs, but it is important to be aware of the potential side effects. Our furry friends can experience many of the same reactions we do such as lowered blood pressure, drowsiness, gastrointestinal issues or dry mouth. Consult your veterinarian if you are thinking of using hemp oil for your pet.

Are there side effects of taking too much hemp oil?

In this article, we went over some of the side effects of hemp oil you could potentially experience. This product is considered a safe natural option, but taking excessively high doses of hemp oil might increase your likelihood of experiencing these side effects. The best way to go about it is to pick a high-quality product and follow the recommended guidelines of the manufacturer before you try it.

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