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How to Use Hemp Wick: Eco-Friendly Lighting – Pure Hemp

January 4, 2024 · Cultivation and uses

Do you want to know how to use hemp wick? You have come to the right place. Before we get into it, let us learn a little bit about hemp wick. Hemp wick, which is used as an alternative to gas or butane lighters for lighting purposes, is a thin twine made exclusively out of the natural fibers of the hemp plant.

The hemp plant, also known as Cannabis sativa, has fibrous stalks that are harvested and processed and then spun into a wick which is later coated in beeswax. Hemp wick is considered an eco-friendly, natural product without harmful chemicals.

How does hemp reed differ from normal lighter wicks?

Hemp wicks differ from other lighter wicks due to their natural composition. It is made out of plant fibers and has no butane or additives whatsoever. In addition, it burns to a lower temperature, providing a smoother ignition compared to other lighter wicks. If you want to learn how to use hemp wick, keep reading!

Why should I use hemp wick instead of traditional lighters?

Besides asking yourself how to use hemp wick, you should also ask: why should I use hemp wick? Using this product over other traditional lighters provides a fully chemical-free ignition for your smoking materials. It is also a more sustainable option which promotes a natural smoking experience.

How do I light hemp wick properly?

Let’s answer our initial question and learn how to use hemp wick. To light anything you want, take the hemp wick and hold it to any type of flame source to ignite the end of the wick. Allow the wick to catch a flame by keeping it there for a few seconds. Once the hemp wick is lit, you can use it to light your smoking materials, herbs, candles or incense. 

What are some creative uses for hemp wick besides lighting candles and pipes?

Now let us review a few other creative ways of how to use hemp wick! You already know that hemp wick is a chemical-free product that has different uses. For example, it is utilized for arts and crafts, as the natural twine is great for jewelry-making such as macramé.

Moreover, hemp wick is a sturdy and eco-friendly material used by many for gardening purposes. It is used for tying plants or even as a biodegradable alternative for some house chores such as bundling items or securing parcels.

Is hemp wick safe to use indoors and around food?

When learning how to use hemp wick, it is also important to understand how safe hemp wick is. Hemp wick is considered safe to use indoors and around food. As it is a natural product that burns cleanly, it is a safer option than gas lighters. However, it is always important to exercise caution while using any open flame in your home. 

What are the environmental benefits of using hemp wick?

Hemp wick is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. Firstly, hemp is a sustainable plant that requires less pesticides, herbicides and water compared to other crops. As an all-natural product, it is also biodegradable, minimizing waste and plastic-free.

Where can I buy high-quality hemp wick, and what should I look for in a product?

Now that you know how to use hemp wick, are you ready to try it out? You can get high-quality hemp wick in smoke shops, both physical and online shops or specialty stores. You should always look for organic and pesticide-free hemp wick, which is coated in natural beeswax to ensure a clean burn. There are loads of reputable brands to choose from! 

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